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Prinses Maxima Centrum voor Kinderoncologie. ANP ROYAL IMAGES PATRICK VAN KATWIJK

Our way of working

The non-profit sector places extra demands on employees. In addition to being intrinsically committed, they include rules on governance, diversity and inclusiveness. Dux International consultants are personally involved and interested in the social domain. Besides their main job, many of them hold ancillary positions in the sector. Consequently, they have a large network and in-depth, hands-on knowledge of the way of working, the type of employee and the values that are important to doing a job. It’s this personal involvement and interest in the work of social organisations that is exactly what is key to making a good match.


Personal involvement

We are in continuous dialogue with potential candidates and clients, with personal involvement and societal ambitions being key factors. You can only maintain personal involvement if you regularly visit each other and stay in touch, before, during and after the process relating to a specific assignment. The customer relationship is what motivates us to work together, rather than the assignment. Consequently, we know our sector well, which means we can help clients and candidates find the very best match.


Procedure for candidates

We mediate candidates for positions within the non-profit sector. We also guide and advise candidates from the profit sector to make the transition to the non-profit sector. This can be in a permanent job, supervisory role or a temporary project. We are happy to guide you on your way to and in your new position. We do this by personally consulting and advising before and after your appointment. Our approach:



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