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General Manager Sumba Hospitality Foundation (on hold)

For her client, Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Dux International is looking for a:


General Manager

(interim role for one year, based in Sumba, Indonesia)


Origin and background of the program

Sumba Hospitality Foundation, located on the pristine island of Sumba, Eastern Indonesia (NTT), drives responsible tourism for the island by training the local underprivileged youth (17-22 yrs). Using tourism as a force for good, Sumba Hospitality Foundation breaks the circle of poverty by providing Sumbanese youngsters access to employment.


Sumba Hospitality Foundation manages a vocational hotel school that trains 60 students annually. All our students learn vocational skills in one core technical hospitality area (e.g. Culinary) and they practice their technical skills in our integrated Maringi eco-resort (9 guest rooms, restaurant, pool and spa). When our students leave campus, they are ready to do internships in 4* or 5* resorts. Upon termination of the internship, our students look for a permanent job: prior to COVID, up to 95% of our alumni were full time employed in the hospitality industry.


In 2020, Sumba Hospitality Foundation launched a new project that significantly broadens its impact. In our training restaurant Makan Dulu (MD), 20 additional Sumbanese youth are being trained on the job and prepared for employment in the tourism industry. The MD program focuses more on practical training and envisages local employment for its graduates.


The revenues generated in our eco-resort and training restaurant, are used to cover the costs of our education program, meaning SHF has a hybrid financial model. The Maringi eco-resort and the Makan Dulu restaurant are revenue-generating units that help our project become a true social enterprise.


Throughout all its activities, SHF creates environmental awareness and sets a best practice in international responsible tourism. Examples of SHF’s efforts to foster environmental conservation include its management of a 2.5ha permaculture farm, its farm-to-table menus, its innovative waste management and its solar panel field.


Local communities, guests and industry partners who interact with SHF can observe a working model of responsible tourism in an emerging destination. It is our dream to inspire them to replicate our best practices elsewhere in the world.


Structure of the organisation

As General Manager, you report to the Founder (as much as required) and to the Board of Trustees (quarterly).


The team you will lead consists of approximately 50 staff members. Working alongside you is the Head of Foundation, our Sumbanese colleague who has been with the project from the start and who is responsible for the community. You will work hand in hand with her on community project matters. Hierarchically, she reports to the Founder.


The rest of the team ultimately reports to you. You have several direct reports: the Director of Operations, the school coordinator, the hotel coordinator, the Makan Dulu restaurant coordinator, the finance coordinator and the HR officer.


The director of operations manages the security, garden and engineering team (app. 17 staff). The school coordinator is responsible for the teacher corps (app. 12 staff) and the hotel coordinator manages all guest-related services. The Makan Dulu restaurant coordinator manages the MD supervisors (app. 9 staff). Several staff combine teaching with guest service responsibilities.


Context of the General Manager vacancy
Our project launched in 2016. The first few years were focused on building traction with the local community, setting up the curriculum and identifying industry partners.

In the coming years, we want to focus on further professionalising the existing processes and on strengthening the financial sustainability of our program. An increased focus on the revenue management of Maringi and Makan Dulu as well as an articulated (international) fundraising strategy will be key to the long-term success of SHF. Likewise, a solid human resources management that can continuously create a talent pipeline for our remote location, will be crucial in maintaining our success.


As of 2022 the general management of the entire project will be transferred to one of the founder’s sons who has been working fulltime on the project for 3 years already. He currently fulfils the role of Director of Operations. In order to help him transition to the role of General Manager, we have created this interim GM role.

Responsibilities of the General Manager role

The focus of the interim GM role is twofold:

  • Contribute to and lead the operations in a way that serves SHF’s long term operational and financial future
  • Mentor and coach the Director of Operations to grow from a deputy to a GM role in 12 months time


The GM is responsible for executing the activities of Sumba Hospitality Foundation in Sumba, in accordance with the vision, values and objectives set out by the Founder and the Board of Trustees.


The main areas of responsibility of the GM include:

  • Strategy implementation: to co-develop and execute the strategy as inspired by the Founder and the Board of Trustees’ vision.
  • Staff leadership and management: to lead and motivate the staff community on-site, ensuring that all staff  play a valuable part in achieving the SHF mission.
  • Financial oversight: responsible for maintaining financial oversight of all operations.
  • Process and procedure management: to design and/or maintain procedures that guarantee the efficient running of the program, both in terms of impact and financial management.
  • Stakeholder management: responsible for maintaining good relations with all SHF stakeholders including but not limited to government bodies, hotel partners and investors.
  • Program sustainability: to play an active role in guaranteeing the long term continuation of the project by monitoring the social impact of the program and by advancing the financial sustainability of the program.


Strategy implementation

  • Co-develop the strategy of the project by proposing and executing actions that are in line with the Founder’s vision.
  • Give particular focus to developing actions that enable the long-term future of the project (such as structural improvements to the recruitment, impact and revenue strategy).


Staff leadership and management

  • Ensure cohesion in the team by aligning all staff members on SHF goals and by creating a positive working atmosphere.
  • Oversee the optimal allocation of roles and responsibilities and ensure optimal staff planning, within a given budgetary framework.
  • Implement existing HR policies and contribute to their continuous improvement.
  • Put a solid talent pipeline in place so that recruitment efforts can be streamlined.


Financial oversight

Supported by the head of finance, implement financial procedures and guard the strict adherence to financial rules within the organisation.

Oversee the profitability of the Maringi and Makan Dulu operations and propose new revenue generation strategies.

Propose cost reduction strategies where relevant.


Process and procedure management

  • Lead the definition and strict implementation of SOPs that improve organizational efficiency.
  • In particular, ensure that operational procedures respect both the activities of the school and the ecoresort while taking into account our limited resources.


Stakeholder management

  • Build constructive relationships with local authorities and communities, respecting cultural values but always keeping in mind the goals of SHF.
  • Liaise with hotel partners in the industry in order to secure internships and job placements for our students.
  • Build a network of likeminded partners across the world in order to strengthen the SHF project and/or expand its philosophy abroad.


Program sustainability

  • Monitor the social impact of our program by measuring results and reporting evolutions.
  • Maintain the financial sustainability of the program by engaging in fundraising initiatives and by stimulating the revenue generation capacity of the project.


Role requirements

  • Degree in Business Administration or Hotel Management or proven relevant working experience.
  • Self-driven (entrepreneurial), hands-on and service-oriented attitude.
  • Solid experience in managing operations in a multicultural context.
  • Solid experience in managing and motivating a multicultural team and in cultivating a positive working culture.


Candidate profile

  • Passionate about mentoring people and a proven ability to coach individuals.
  • Strong analytical skills that translate into actionable cost optimization and revenue generation proposals.
  • Affinity with SHF values and a strong sense of responsibility towards achieving the impact of the project.
  • Proven ability to navigate stakeholder relationships at various levels, including the ability to communicate at  ease with high level contacts (e.g. governments, funders).
  • Excellent ability to communicate at ease remotely.
  • High flexibility to accommodate to changing circumstances.
  • Ability to write and speak English fluently.
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated for this challenging assignment; a chance to make a real difference.


Our ideal candidate has

  • Affinity with the Indonesian culture and language.
  • Affinity with hospitality, vocational training and development of sustainable tourism.


Contractual Aspects

  • The position is based in Sumba, Indonesia.
  • Occasional travel to other islands in the country (mostly Bali and Java).
  • The employment contract duration is 12 months, position to start asap.
  • Compensation package to be determined – salary including medical insurance/visa.
  • Accommodation and three meals/day are included in the contract.


In order to apply, please submit an updated curriculum vitae and motivation letter (in WORD format please) by January 11th 2021. Applications can be directed to to the attention of Victorine van Manen stating ‘General Manager SHF’ in the subject line.