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Fundraiser at PandemicForecasts

For her client, PandemicForecasts (, Dux International is looking for Fundraisers


Global corona effort


The role

  • One or more fundraisers would help Pandemic Forecasts to source the funds needed
    to continue its services for the duration of the pandemic;
  • Estimates are that the global pandemic might last as long as between 6 to 18 months;
  • Pandemic Forecastst was founded last week and currently being built by a fully virtual team of
    highly qualified volunteers from across the globe (Oxford professors, Formula 1 race quants, artists, entrepreneurs);
  • To continue the service provision by Pandemic Forecasts for the 6-12 month horizon financial
    sustainability will be needed;
  • This to sustain a small central team of full time and part time workers that keep driving
    information provision and the global volunteering effort.



  • Pandemic Forecasts is a pop-up institute that provides free covid19 (corona) and economic-
    fallout forecasts, a policy and a tech toolbox to all;
  • This way we enable others to save lives;
  • We produce daily updates in local language all around the world;
  • We are temporary, but we will be here as long as needed.



  • We are aware that in the corona pandemic, many governments and municipalities
    around the world lack forward looking information to make life saving decisions. This is of immediate importance because it can prevent health systems from being overloaded;
  • We are also aware that they lack oversight of global good practices to make such
  • Finally, we know that not only governments and municipalities, but also many other
    people and organisations could put such information and oversight to good use;
  • This is why we provide our products for free, to all.



For more information, look at:

If you are interested in this position, please contact:

Mrs. Victorine van Manen: 0031 624985270 or;

Mr. Hylke Oldenboom: 0031 655128510