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Team Dux International

Michelle Bossers – Consultant Werving & Selectie

I have been a recruitment consultant since 2016. My job entails looking after talent acquisition, recruitment and matching for PR/marketing communication vacancies within the public and non-profit sectors. I find it a great pleasure to be so devoted to my work!

Annemijn de Lavieter – Consultant

The diversity and enthusiasm that you see in the non-profit sector are aspects that continue to fascinate and inspire me.


The intensive search and selection process followed by finding the perfect match between client and candidate give me a tremendous amount of job satisfaction.

Karin Doeksen – Founding Partner

People have always fascinated me; their interests, motivations, the source of their inspiration, and what they would like to use their strengths for.


My passion lies in helping people whose motivations for finding a job are ‘meaningfulness’ and ‘being able to make a difference’.

Victorine van Manen – Consultant

Ever since I started at DUX International, I’ve said, I’ve got the best job in the world!’


Working as a consultant gives me an incredible sense of satisfaction, and I am committed finding the right match between candidate and organisation.


Dux International

Nassauplein 25

2585 EC Den Haag


Tel +31 (0) 70 7 622 622

Jitteke Runia – Senior Partner

As long as I can remember, I am particularly interested in people in organizations (and organizations in people).


I like to contribute to relevant goals in the world and I have a warm heart for culture.


Eline Rusius – Office manager

I have worked as an office manager at Dux International since the very beginning. Our team is enthusiastic and highly committed, with everyone contributing their own input and expertise.


I find it inspiring to be a part of our increasing professionalisation and to use my position of office manager to help the process along. Now OnlyHuman is another step forward, and it makes the job even more varied.