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Executive Search for the non-profit sector 

Beelden aan Zee

“Executives who make a difference”

Dux International is an Executive Search Agency with more than 20 years of experience in domestic and international search & recruitment for the non-profit sector. Dux International recognises the importance of this sector in the community, and the growing need for experienced executives, non-executives and specialists who can make a difference to our society, whether in permanent jobs, as participants in a temporary projects or in supervisory roles.


Among its clients Dux International counts charity organisations, NGOs, foundations, equity funds, museums, cultural institutions, healthcare and educational institutions, and the government. We recruit executives and supervisors for all of these organisations. Additionally, we recruit specialist professionals in fundraising, customer relationship management, communication, marketing and business operations; professionals who are keen to make an impact and are capable of making a real difference in the world. Executives who make a difference.


We interview candidates about their experience, specific areas of interest and the potential benefits they can offer social organisations.



Dux International

Nassauplein 25

2585 EC Den Haag


Tel +31 (0) 70 7 622 622

Dux International was founded in 1990 in London by Karin Doeksen. In 1994, Dux International opened an office in New York, and in 2002 the agency finally relocated to The Hague.


The agency now has more than 20 years of domestic and international experience in the non-profit sector. Its team of consultants has built up an extensive network and comprehensive expertise in searching for and selecting executives and specialist professionals. In August 2019, Dux International became part of the OnlyHuman Group.


The OnlyHuman Group holds a distinctive position in the recruitment of executives, non-executives and specialist professionals in the public domain and the non-profit sector.